The Lao Peoples

Democratic Republic

Are you a travel enthusiast? Are you looking for a tourist destination that gives you lasting memories? Why not visit Laos, a small country in Southeast Asia with rich culture, unique architectural designs, and a high hospitality level? From Vientiane- its capital- to the rural cities, you have a lot to give your eyes that needed a treat.

The beautiful sceneries form the mountainous landscape with unique landforms is a glimpse of some of the things you can do when in this part of the continent.

Whether you visit the north or the south or the east or west or the central, you have a lot to see and do while on your dream holiday.

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Foods to try while in Laos

Asian cuisine is something you can’t fail to see and enjoy. The seafood, jungle meat, and sweet sardines dressed in spices and herbs are among things you enjoy and love on this holiday.

The sweet delicacies with unique flavors dictate the rampant love for Asian cuisine globally.

Here are must-eat foods

Rice Noodles
Grilled sausage
Spring rolls
Hot pot and barbecues