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ABOUT The Founder

My name is Patrick R. Broadnax. I’m the founder of this blog. As a voyage enthusiast, I have traveled the world and can give you tips and guides on at least every part of the continent.

In my traveling quest, I wanted to sample the silent South Asian part of the continent, and my most exciting and memorable moments were in Laos’s country.

After my visit, I vowed to let the public know this country with its unique features its offers its tourists.

Our Statement

Our mandate is to empower, educate and put Laos on the global map as one of the leading tourist destinations. We provide tips, guides, dos and don'ts about this country for people who are looking for diversity as their holiday spots.
We want to have more people visiting this country to enjoy the cool climate, rich culture, unique architectural designs, festivals, nightlife, arts, and foods.