Must-visit places in Laos

Must-visit places in Laos

  1. Kuang Si Waterfalls and Caves

According to UNESCO, the Kuang Si Waterfalls and Caves are world heritage sites with a history of their religion and Laos’s ancient people.

The waterfall gives you a refreshing feeling away from the busy city life. The caves facing the Mekong River treat you to the Buddhist religion, and the guide will give you a breathtaking experience inside the caves- a habitat for unique animals.

  1. Sinouk Coffee Farms

 Have a fantastic experience at the coffee plantation with the elaborate coffee tours. You get to learn from scratch the digging, weeding, and harvesting of coffee.

The plush and beautiful gardens provide a glimpse of country life. The use of old methods gives you first-hand information on coffee processing.

The sweet aroma of Arabica coffee species gives you the value for your time- a different experience.

  1. Capital City tour- Vientiane

Do you want to have a deep understanding f the deep culture of this country? You don’t have to go to the rural communities; instead, the cosmopolitan city provides you with the information, practical experience of all the 40-plus ethnic communities composing the country.

The night shopping is a must-try escapade. You get to have a fun excursion. The COPE visitor center is also a must-visit spot in the capital.

You have to get information on how the maimed military men git help due to the support services, including disability-friendly tools.

  1. Elephant Village Sanctuary

The Asian elephants are endangered species; hence the Elephant Village Sanctuary is their safe refuge in Luang Prabang.

Get time to interact with the big-five jungle beasts on a closed platform. You can feed them, care, and even bathe them.

The tamed animals give you that rare chance to see and have a closer and intimate interaction with the animals of the jungle.

  1. 4000 Islands

The Mekong River has three islands- Don Det, Don Khon, and Don Khong. Although you may lack the pleasures of technological advancements, you have a quiet and lovely experience as you also appreciate the traditions and customs of the Laos people.