Must do things when in Laos

Must do things when in Laos

As you enjoy the beautiful landscape, the islands, the coffee tour, night shopping, and nightlife, many things come in handy to have a pleasant and wonderful experience.

Here are must-do activities when on this tourist destination

  • Nature walks

Stretch your legs through walking on nature trails as you get to enjoy the unique flora and fauna.

The beauty of the butterflies, insects, and unique plant species offer that natural and rewarding feeling away from the digital and modern lifestyle.

  • Night shopping and night entertainment

The night in this country is like a busy day. The cool weather and lots of artifacts and bars and restaurants with dance halls are must-do things while in this part of the globe.

  • Mountain climbing

The gentle and steep slopes offer an excellent mountain climbing experience thanks to the chilly weather.

  • Boat riding

The Mekong River gives you a touch of sailing and fishing experience. As you use the boats to access the three main islands, you enjoy boat riding. Scuba divers have more fun.

  • Hunting and gathering

Bamboo is a plant with many uses in this country. They use it to craft bows ideal for hunting. When you want a touch of deep forest experience, then go there with a hunter and gatherer to have that experience deep in the jungle.

Get a guide to help you to minimize risks.

  • Dancing at the festivals

The rich culture and diversity are showcased in the festivals. The specific festivals offer specific functions for you. Plan your trip with the date of the festival in mind to enjoy the rich cultural history.